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This season was my least favorite season.

They gave us another villain that is a speedster, but thankfully they’ve confirmed a non-speedster villain for next season. Also, there was too many good speedsters: Barry, Wally and Jesse. Jesse went away, but I think Wally should too. Maybe go to a university in another city or something.

Killer Frost wasn’t what I thought she would be. Why does she change to evil just because of her meta powers? They didn’t explained that. I didn’t like her outfit either, it looked like a cosplay.

About the finale, I think HR technology was too unrealistic. It felt like Deus ex Machina. Nevertheless, it was a good finale. I loved to see Jay Garrick again and Barry being trapped in the Speed Force was unexpected. I just hope they don’t keep him away for too long, because I can’t stand Wally.

In addition to that, I think they should have used the classic Savitar, from the comics, instead of a version of Barry in a weird suit.



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This season was uneven. After two great seasons, I think they were a little lost.

Some stories were good, others got us nowhere…

Here what I didn’t like:

-After a few episodes of Jane and Michael as a married couple, I felt the story was boring. Nevertheless, his death was one of the saddest deaths in TV and the character is certainly missed.

-The cousin storyline. I wanted her to go every time I’d see her. Plus, I think it got us nowhere.

-I’m done with Sin Rostro storyline. I liked when Michael was pursuing her. Now, with him gone, I think it is time for her to go too (it seems like she is, but we never know).

-Scott’s death was just random in the end.

-Fabian. I hated everything about that storyline. I think it was unnecessary for Jane to have a fling (that’s just my opinion), I would prefer if she had moved on with Adam. I didn’t like the way she treated him either, it felt a little out of character. The way she reacted when he said he was saving himself until someone serious, the way she used him…

The season finale did shake things a little. Now Luisa is the villain, apparently. I would say it was out of nowhere, but she was living with a villain for a long time. Besides, she is very unstable and always put Rose first. Let’s see how the story will unfold.

Ro and Xo got married and I hope they don’t break them up. They were in a on and off relationship for too long.

The narrator is someone who loves Xo. Who is he? We got many clues. Some theories point to Mateo, others to Abuelo Mateo and some point to Rogelio. Who do you think it is?

Jane met with her first love and, although I want her and Rafael to be together, I am looking forward for this new (old?) relationship (although I hope it lasts less than a season).

Rafael and Petra didn’t last a week and I think they should stop with that couple. They are great as friends. Petra is great as an independent and clever woman and she is not that when she is with him.


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The news is not surprising. Unfortunately, the show’s ratings were never good, but I will miss it anyway.

What I liked about the show:

-The Nightingale case: I think it was especially interesting, since the audience needed to know about the killer because of Remy’s mother.

-The relationship between Remy and her father: I liked their interactions and both characters were likeable.

-The “messing with time”: I love shows that mess with time, that’s why I started to watch it in the first place. The fact the one small change, makes everything different is very cool.

What I didn’t like about the show:

-The main thing that I really hated was Remy’s boyfriend Daniel. I never felt like they were “meant to be”. Just the first episode wasn’t enough to care about them as a couple. Plus, I think he acted as a terrible person. He let her think he had broken up with his fiancée, but he was seeing both of them. For all that I saw in these episodes, he could do the same with Remy (cheating on her like he did with the fiancée). Totally hate him.

-The second thing is how Remy treated Kyle. Kyle was such a better option. Even when Remy was a jerk with him, he gave her another chance. He respected her fears of a relationship and that was much more than that Daniel guy ever did. And I think they didn’t give them a chance.

-Also, I think some episodes in the middle wasn’t very compelling, they felt like a filler.

In general, I really liked the show and, luckily, we got some closure. It wasn’t the ideal, because the killer was never caught (but I can live with that) and because Frank died anyway, although years later (I kept wishing for him to be alive in the end).

Are you going to miss Frequency?

EDIT: CW has released a short ending for the show. With that, we have the confirmation that they got the Nightingale killer and, in the end, Frank didn’t die in the car crash.


I made a list of some hurtful cancelations. I didn’t put shows that had had a long and happy existence, but the ones which didn’t have a chance.


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The pilot was great. It reminded me of “I, Robot”. It had a complex mystery, that, unfortunately, they didn’t developed. I think they focused too much on the procedure part and forgot to develop the actual story. It never went deep. I don’t know if a second season could fix everything, but the show wasted a good story and good actors.


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I think TTP started great, the story and the characters were interesting and so were the ratings. Unfortunately, some things weren’t well executed and the show lost viewers. I think that a second season could’ve fixed what wasn’t functioning in the show, because it definitely had potential.


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I saw that cancelation coming, but it hurt anyway. Smash’s first season wasn’t perfect, but was consistent. The competition to be the protagonist of the musical was the main plot, and the season finale, for me, was perfect. The second season, though, didn’t start very strong and it only got worse. The new Smash was too “Gossip Girl”, the storylines weren’t compelling either. I kept wishing for a new chance, but it never came. I miss the songs too, all the cast is very talented.



This show is one of the best legal dramas I’ve ever watched. The cases were touching and the focus was on the people and their cases, not on how to maneuver to win, like other legal shows do.


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Limitless was one of the new TV Shows that I was most enjoying. Although I wish it was less procedural, I loved the story and the characters. It was even better to see the protagonist of the movie there. I think it had so much potential and it was fun to watch.



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I like Agent Carter more than Agents of SHIELD. It was clever, fun and a real delight. Peggy is a strong lead character and I liked the male characters too, especially Jarvis. I was upset when it ended (and with a cliffhanger!). I hated when Netflix didn’t want to pick it up.



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I knew the cancelation would happen when they announced it on NBC on a Friday night. This was a perfect CW show. Constantine is a character different from from the others, an anti-hero. I admit that the season wasn’t great, but, like Supergirl, this could’ve been changed. I had hope that CW would pick it up.


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I think nobody remembers this show. It is from 2002. The show was about a guy who didn’t remember anything about him, but knew everything about whatever topic. It had a lot of mysteryes and it ended without telling any of them. And it ended with a horrible cliffhanger. I never recovered from this cancellation. The worst part? At that time, I didn’t know anything about cancellations, so I just waited for the show to comeback. And waited and waited, but it never did.


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This last season wasn’t the best. I didn’t like the sirens very much and Damon was so annoying without his humanity! But, the last episode was very good! It was all about the good times.

They were fighting the first villain, Katharine Pierce, who was commanding hell after Cade died. It was about the journey of two brothers that, despite everything, loved each other. They brought back all the characters in a way or another, and even though most of them didn’t have any lines (like Jeremy), it was nice to see them.

So, Katharine wanted to bring hell on Mystic Falls, but Bonnie had a plan, a plan that needed a sacrifice. Damon and Stefan discussed about who “deserved” to be the sacrifice and, in the end, Stefan outsmarted Damon and died. Before that, he injected the cure on Damon, so he could live a normal life with Elena.

The last scenes showed Elena and Damon walking together and then meeting their loved ones, meaning they had lived happily together till they died and met their families. It was a nice scene.

What I didn’t like this season, including the last episode:

-Tyler went back just to die. What was that? So meaningless!

-Why was Bonnie deprived of happiness? Look at her story, she deserved to find happiness with Enzo. Everything always goes bad for Bonnie. That was unfair.

-Stefan deserved better. I say this considering the hole series. He was Elena’s love for a long time, but, when they’d put Elena and Damon together, it was all about how it was always Damon. He didn’t have to die in the end.

-Damon became too annoying. Never learning from his mistakes and I was tired of how the only thing that could make him act “good” was Elena.

Even though it wasn’t how I would like it to end, it was very consistent and I’m going to miss the show.


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This week, another season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came to an end.

The last two episodes were very interesting. First, they have shown the Legion of Doom’s perspective. They stole the Spear of Destiny and created their own perfect reality, but, while Eobard wanted to destroy the Spear and make the reality permanent, his mates had different plans.

Meanwhile, the Legends started to realize the reality was wrong and decided to act quickly. His plans went wrong when Snart killed Amaya and Eobard succeeded in destroying the Spear.

I liked how The Legion was winning. Putting these villains together were a great idea and I liked their motivations. Sometimes I even rooted for them to win, especially after how the Legends had treated Mick.

After all that, the Legends’ only alternative was to go back in time and prevent the Legion of Doom to succeed, breaking the first rule of time travel – never interact with your past self.

About that, Eobard was very clever the whole episode (I didn’t expect less) and the Legion managed to kill some of the Legends (the time aberrations), which I also enjoyed, because these guys were the main villains of Arrow and Flash.

What I didn’t like was Snart killing Mick. I don’t think he would do that, even if Mick didn’t want to do whatever he says. I think he tries to manipulate Mick sometimes, but I don’t think that he treats Mick like a dog, as they’ve pointed out. Sorry, but Snart and Mick belong together.

Another thing that I didn’t like was Rip leaving the ship. It is HIS ship and HE should be the captain.

Overall, I think this season was way better than the previous.


The Flash has lost a few viewers this season. It has too many speedsters on the team (Barry, Wally, Jesse) and, after two seasons which the main villain was also a speedster, fans were hoping for something different.

One of my many complains is Wally. I think he is one of the most horrible characters in the show, along with HR. The best thing to do is for him to go be The Flash in another city. Everybody loved Harry last season, and why they’ve decided to change him for HR is just  incomprehensible.

However, what really disappointed me was the musical crossover episode. They have been announcing it for months, they have the most talent cast, but what could’ve been epic, was wasted.

As a fan of musicals, and after Buffy’s Once More With Feeling, I had great expectations for this. I wanted to see a superhero musical, but they not only decided to make the whole story sort of a “vintage dream”, it only had like 6 songs in the whole episode. I kept waiting for more songs to come, all in vain.

For me, it would be great if the villain made them sing in the real world. It would be a delight to see Supergirl and The Flash fighting and singing about their frustrations, or Cisco and Winn becoming bros and singing about it, or many other possibilities. It was really frustrating.

So, The Flash, why do you hate me? And especially, why would you destroy my superhero musical dream?