I made this list with some of the British TV Shows that I like and recommend.

Let me know your opinion about them and, most important, if you know another amazing British TV Show, please tell me.


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The doctor who spin off started as a darker show, aiming a mature audience. The group, lead by Captain Jack Harkness, deals with aliens’ matters.

The reason why Torchwood is on the bottom of this list is its hidious fourth (and last) season. The show moved from BBC to Starz and was completely americanized. They’ve also simply ignored what was created in Doctor Who. The plot was full of holes too.

Despite of that, I recommend seasons 1-3 and, then, pretend it just ended there, since season 3 finale serves as a great series finale!


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This show is about a group of misfits that gain powers after a storm. What makes the show fun is the fact that the characters are not heroes, on the contrary, they’re doing Community Service, and they make a lot of messes with their weird powers.

The show is consistent till the end.


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This show is a delight! I love everything about the historical period drama, the clothes, the characters, the landscape, all of it! The lives of the Crawley family and their staff are very interesting and the show has many sides, romance, war, prejudice, among others. The women are strong and bold, way ahead of their time.

I have to say that I enjoyed seasons 1-3 more than seasons 4-6. I didn’t like some plots and sometimes it felt a little repetitive. The end was ok, but I expected more.


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The best adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. The chemistry between him and Watson is amazing, I feel like they’re almost brothers. I like how the episodes are more extensive, and a lot of them are based on Sherlock Holmes’ books.

The fourth season had bad reviews, but I think they were a little harsh. I didn’t like some stuff, but it had good parts too.

I hope it isn’t the end.


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Doctor Who is about an alien (The Doctor), who travels through time and space, usually with a human companion.

The reason why it’s number one is because of seasons 1-7. I liked season 8, but season 9, for me, was just horrible. I didn’t enjoy any of the episodes, it just doesn’t feel like old doctor who anymore.

But, focusing on the good, the show is clever and fun, it has lighter and darker themes and, the fact that The Doctor and his companions keep changing, it’s a good thing, because it doesn’t get weary.

I also like how the episodes are all linked by the main story of the season.

I’ll keep watching, hoping that it gets some of its magic back, especially now that they’ve announced a new executive producer. Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite stories are from Steven Moffat’s era, but I think he stayed too long and ran out of good ideas.


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This week, another season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came to an end.

The last two episodes were very interesting. First, they have shown the Legion of Doom’s perspective. They stole the Spear of Destiny and created their own perfect reality, but, while Eobard wanted to destroy the Spear and make the reality permanent, his mates had different plans.

Meanwhile, the Legends started to realize the reality was wrong and decided to act quickly. His plans went wrong when Snart killed Amaya and Eobard succeeded in destroying the Spear.

I liked how The Legion was winning. Putting these villains together were a great idea and I liked their motivations. Sometimes I even rooted for them to win, especially after how the Legends had treated Mick.

After all that, the Legends’ only alternative was to go back in time and prevent the Legion of Doom to succeed, breaking the first rule of time travel – never interact with your past self.

About that, Eobard was very clever the whole episode (I didn’t expect less) and the Legion managed to kill some of the Legends (the time aberrations), which I also enjoyed, because these guys were the main villains of Arrow and Flash.

What I didn’t like was Snart killing Mick. I don’t think he would do that, even if Mick didn’t want to do whatever he says. I think he tries to manipulate Mick sometimes, but I don’t think that he treats Mick like a dog, as they’ve pointed out. Sorry, but Snart and Mick belong together.

Another thing that I didn’t like was Rip leaving the ship. It is HIS ship and HE should be the captain.

Overall, I think this season was way better than the previous.


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According to TV Line, Netflix just renewed A Series Of Unfortunate Events for a third season! Here’s the link:

With that, the fans have the certainty that the Netflix adaptation will cover all the books, unlike the film adaptation.

The first season adapted four of the thirteen books and, in my opinion, the adaptation is just perfect. The characters and story are faithful to the original, and the few changes just made it better.

I can’t wait for next season, especially because “The Austere Academy” is one of my favorite books from the series.

For those who doesn’t know the TV Show or the books, here is a very quickly summary:
The Baudelaires (Violet, Klaus and Sunny) return from a walk on the beach and found their home destroyed by a fire, which also culminate with the perishing of their parents’ lives.
After that, the children are sent to live in a variety of places, always being followed by the eveil Count Olaf, who wants the family’s fortune.

I highly recommend it!


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While we have to wait for Nashville to come back, I made a list, ranking the best songs from Season 5 so far. It’s always hard to choose one over another, but I’ve tried my best.

Here we go:

10) BURN TO DARK (Feat. Chris Carmack)

A beautiful song about love and still longing for the person you just lost. I think, it’s too short though. I kept waiting for more.

09) ON MY WAY (Feat. Hayden Panettiere & Jonathan Jackson)

A great rendition from Hayden, her voice is very soft and emotional. The song is about trying to be on the right track, but not being quite there yet.

08) YOU’RE MINE (Feat. Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Jonathan Jackson, Chris Carmack, Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio, Lennon & Maisy, Charles Esten)

I loved this song and how everybody sang in it. The vocals merged together in a beautiful way. I just wish the song was more extensive.

07) MY FAVORITE HURRICANE (Feat. Connie Britton and Charles Esten)

This song is one of the delightful Rayna and Deacon’s duets. It has a certain torment in the lyrics, a love with pain, and the vocals show us exactly that.

06) SIMPLE AS THAT ( Feat. Charles Esten)

How great is Charles Esten? When the song started, I didn’t know what to expect, but, as it progressed, I really enjoyed. The chorus is adoring. Very sweet.

05) WIDE OPEN (Feat. Will Chase)

I miss Will Chase! And this song made me desire him back even more. This music is so country, the chorus addictive, his voice amazing as always. I hear this all the time.

04) CAN’T REMEMBER NEVER LOVING YOU (Feat. Connie Britton and Charles Esten)

Another amazing duet from them. This one is more upbeat and the lyrics are very romantic. A true love letter.

03) ALREADY GONE (Feat. Connie Britton)

I wanted this song since season one! I loved when Rayna first played and it was worth the wait. I am very hooked!

02) ALL OF ME (Feat. Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio)

I love The Exes songs. I think their voices are perfect together and they have an intimacy that is just amazing. I don’t know if I prefer the normal version of the song or the Bluebird Set, but I think the later is more their style (it is also the one which the lyrics says “blue eyes” instead of “golden eyes”.

01) SANCTUARY (Feat. Charles Esten and Lennon & Maisy)

This song has beautiful lyrics and it was sung on the most emotional episode of Nashville. I had goosebumps with the performance. Simply AMAZING.


We have some great songs this year, but something has bothered me a lot. I don’t understand why they recorded so many songs from the new characters (Hallie and Clay) and just one song from Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio and Hayden Panettiere. I personally didn’t like the new characters’ songs very much (none of them made the cut).

But what about you guys? Which songs are your favorites so far?


Female characters are being written off TV shows as they were disposable, no matter how important they are for the show. For a variety of reasons, like giving the male lead motivation or letting the actress go for budgetary reasons, the pile of losses is big.


On Sleepy Hollow, the lead female character, Abbie Mills, played by Nicole Beharie, was murdered by the end of third season.

The truth about Nicole’s departure it’s not clear, though.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that Nicole “had been unhappy and actively was trying to exit the series for quite some time”. After the show’s renewal  Fox’s CEO affirmed: “It was not a decision that we wanted to make initially. We ended up being put in a situation where that was a decision that needed to be made”.

On the other hand, her character was being overshadowed for quite a while, which even started the trend #abbiemillsdeservesbetter.

Therefore, underutilizing her character, that was a co-lead, giving her less screen time and secondary storylines, especially to highlight the male co-lead, demonstrate how the sexism took over.

Besides that, her character died making a sacrifice for the team, which of course includes the male lead. With Abbie’s death Crane is motivated to go to Washington D.C and find the next witness.


Arrow too decided to kill off one of the main cast. The murder of Black Canary (Katy Cassidy) left many fans angry, since the character is the Green Arrow’s romantic interest in the comics and it was supposed to be the lead female.

The showrunner stated that “The reason to [kill Laurel off] is it is big. It is bold. It does move the show forward. It does impact all of our characters.”

The problem is that, when they started the season with someone in the grave, they didn’t know who would’ve end up being dead. That shows that they wasn’t planning on killing Laurel before and it didn’t have to be her, particularly.

Arrow Executive Producer Wendy Mericle said of who is in the grave, ‘We don’t necessarily know who it is right now. We’re still planning out the whole season, but we want it, obviously, to have resonance, and if it doesn’t mean anything to the characters, it won’t to the audience either.'”

Another factor that enraged fans, was Laurel’s dying scene, where she didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to her father, but had enough time to support Oliver and Felicity’s love.

So, not only Laurel had to die to give Oliver the anger needed to fight the big bad of the season, she used her last minutes of life to incentivize him to pursue another woman.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time Arrow put women in refrigerators. Since the beginning of the series this plot device is used to give Oliver depth and to form his new and better character. You can count on Arrow’s refrigerator: Shado, Moira, Sara, Thea and now Laurel, all of them dead for the development of the male lead.


The Originals was another TV show that decided to kill off female characters. Camille O’Connell (Leah Pipes) was a psychologist, bartender and a moral compass to Klaus. Since the pilot she was part of the main cast and also a love interest for Klaus.

According to the showrunner, they decided to kill Cami in the third season, and built her path towards her true death. The actress, as well, stated that she was warned about her character potentially dying.

The death, in this case, at least has been planned for some time, but that doesn’t change the fact that her death came to push the male lead (Klaus) forward.

In her last moments she talked to Klaus about what she meant to him, about dying and about how he was, actually, good. The way Cami was murdered and the grieve Klaus endured persuade him to finish the war against his enemies and contributed enormously to his character growth.


The same can be said about Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell), also from The Originals. Although Davina was the main witch of the show since the first season, she died for the purpose of giving a male character (Marcel) motivation to fight the Mikaelsons.

In this case, Marcel is not the male lead, but a very important part of the main cast and he often antagonizes with the Mikaelsons to protect the community of vampires, while, for the Mikaelsons, family is all that matters.

Consequently, Marcel occasionally acts as the hero, fighting against the powerful family.

This time, though, he was at the family’s side, therefore a strong reason to initiate his anger was needed. Davina was, since the beginning, Marcel’s protégée and the impact of her death, especially since the killer was a Mikaelson, would drive the plot forward.

5) LEXA (THE 100)

Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), even though wasn’t a lead on the show, has grown into a beloved character.

The controversy about her death was because the character became not only a fan favorite but also a symbol for LGBT representation. Moreover, the way the character died was another factor for the rage among fans, since she died shot by mistake, after having just experienced some happiness in the midst of all the chaos of the war.

The character were a leader, a fighter, and dying in battle would be the death she deserved.



Rosalind was a minor character in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The problem is that her character was, seemingly, created to be a “woman in refrigerator”.

She was introduced as a powerful women, in a high position. Since the beginning, Coulson was dazzled by her and her development in the show happened to lead the two into a romantic relationship. The romance, however, ended abruptly by her murder.

Coulson gained the motivation needed to end Ward and Hydra.



ABC Network announced in April that, for budgetary reasons, Stana Katic and Tamala Jones wouldn’t return for a possible ninth season.

After eight years being the female lead of the show, the network didn’t even offer Katic the chance to negotiate a comeback. When it came to reducing costs, the women, including the lead, were the first to get cut.

The decision of cutting off Katic received serious backlash from the fans, who even initiated a campaign for the show to be canceled, with #CancelCastle, #NoStanaNoCastle and #NoBeckettNoShow among the hashtags that were used in Twitter.

The network, though, continued the contracts negotiations, announcing that Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas would all comeback for the possible new season. Considering the news reported by the sites TVLine, Deadline and TV By The Numbers, it looked like the renew was a sure thing, at least for a final season.

At the end, though, the show was canceled.

If it wasn’t, the likely ending would be her death and the ninth season would contemplate a more developed Castle, changed by the tragedy. Also, her death would be perfect to change the whole dynamic of the show, giving the male lead all the screen time.


The Flash has lost a few viewers this season. It has too many speedsters on the team (Barry, Wally, Jesse) and, after two seasons which the main villain was also a speedster, fans were hoping for something different.

One of my many complains is Wally. I think he is one of the most horrible characters in the show, along with HR. The best thing to do is for him to go be The Flash in another city. Everybody loved Harry last season, and why they’ve decided to change him for HR is just  incomprehensible.

However, what really disappointed me was the musical crossover episode. They have been announcing it for months, they have the most talent cast, but what could’ve been epic, was wasted.

As a fan of musicals, and after Buffy’s Once More With Feeling, I had great expectations for this. I wanted to see a superhero musical, but they not only decided to make the whole story sort of a “vintage dream”, it only had like 6 songs in the whole episode. I kept waiting for more songs to come, all in vain.

For me, it would be great if the villain made them sing in the real world. It would be a delight to see Supergirl and The Flash fighting and singing about their frustrations, or Cisco and Winn becoming bros and singing about it, or many other possibilities. It was really frustrating.

So, The Flash, why do you hate me? And especially, why would you destroy my superhero musical dream?


Nashville has struggled with some of its storylines since the beginning, but it has always been one of my favorite TV shows, for its focus on the country music industry, great songs from the actors, plus, it is very entertaining.

For that, when they announced the cancelation, I joined all the other fans for the #bringbacknashville campaign. After CMT pick it up, they promised season 5 would be even better than the previous seasons, that all the problems that the show had would be fixed. What did they promised?

1- More music

2- Less soap opera storylines

3- More focus on the problems that artists face in the industry

Unfortunately,  they didn’t deliver any of that. It has until now, less music (only one song from Clare Bowen and Sam  Palladio and only one song from Hayden Panettiere), they have not only continued the soap opera, but repeated stories from the previous seasons (another car crash? Another unwanted pregnancy? Really?). They also seems to ignore some things from the past seasons, like Maddie’s emancipation, or how Scarlett had just realized that she was in love with Gunnar.

Nonetheless, Rayna’s death was a slap in the fan’s faces. Rayna was the lead character of the show, she was one half of Dayna and everyone waited four years to see her and Deacon together. The fact that she died because of a car crash made things even worse. She was in a car crash in the first season finale and it seems a little too much to put her in another one, especially after this season’s plane crash.

Besides that, if Connie Britton was leaving, they should’ve told the fans, principally after the information leaked. Instead, they’ve denied, over and over again.

In my opinion, I think, since the show was moving to another channel, that they should’ve recast Rayna. It would be odd at first, but plenty of shows had done that, and Rayna was too important to die.

So, Nashville, why do you hate me?