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Once Upon a Time finally did a musical episode and it was sweet! Fairy tales plus a wedding plus songs is just magical.

The plot was great for a musical. Snow wished ages ago for Emma to have a chance of a happy ending and the wish made everybody sing. When the Evil Queen found a way to win, everybody forgot they ever sang, but the music stayed inside Emma’s heart, until the day she needed.

The songs:


This song could be in any princess story, the melody is very Disney and the lyrics are lovely. Both actors have beautiful voices. Loved the performance.


I enjoyed the song, but didn’t love. Lana gave us an angry performance as the Evil Queen and it was great, because usually the bad guys sing happily about how evil they are, but the Queen was so irritated about all the singing.


I love this one, it reminded of “Gaston” (the scene, not the song). It was so entertaining! Snow kind of rolled her eyes when she realized they were going to sing the answer. The song was fun and Colin sang it beautifully.


Not as good as “Defying Gravity”, however it was a great song to show the envy and lonely side of the Wicked Witch. It captured the essence of the character.


I don’t know if it was the song, the scene, or both, but I got goosebumps. It was so exciting when Emma started to sing and nullify the Black Fairy’s attacks!


A perfect ending. The song started at the wedding, with the couple singing, and, then, all the cast joined. It felt like the end of a Disney movie, with everyone happy and singing. However, the Black Fairy’s curse arrived, so…

As always, I wanted more songs! Nevertheless, the episode was great and, if the Black Fairy were defeated in this episode, this could be the series finale for me. It would have been perfect. That said, I have mixed feelings about the show renewal… I think OUAT can tell many different stories, but I don’t see how this is going to work, if Jennifer Morrison is not coming back but Colin O’Donoghue is. I hope they don’t destroy their happy ending. I also think they have already told Regina’s and Rumple’s stories, so I would prefer new characters.


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The news is not surprising. Unfortunately, the show’s ratings were never good, but I will miss it anyway.

What I liked about the show:

-The Nightingale case: I think it was especially interesting, since the audience needed to know about the killer because of Remy’s mother.

-The relationship between Remy and her father: I liked their interactions and both characters were likeable.

-The “messing with time”: I love shows that mess with time, that’s why I started to watch it in the first place. The fact the one small change, makes everything different is very cool.

What I didn’t like about the show:

-The main thing that I really hated was Remy’s boyfriend Daniel. I never felt like they were “meant to be”. Just the first episode wasn’t enough to care about them as a couple. Plus, I think he acted as a terrible person. He let her think he had broken up with his fiancée, but he was seeing both of them. For all that I saw in these episodes, he could do the same with Remy (cheating on her like he did with the fiancée). Totally hate him.

-The second thing is how Remy treated Kyle. Kyle was such a better option. Even when Remy was a jerk with him, he gave her another chance. He respected her fears of a relationship and that was much more than that Daniel guy ever did. And I think they didn’t give them a chance.

-Also, I think some episodes in the middle wasn’t very compelling, they felt like a filler.

In general, I really liked the show and, luckily, we got some closure. It wasn’t the ideal, because the killer was never caught (but I can live with that) and because Frank died anyway, although years later (I kept wishing for him to be alive in the end).

Are you going to miss Frequency?

EDIT: CW has released a short ending for the show. With that, we have the confirmation that they got the Nightingale killer and, in the end, Frank didn’t die in the car crash.


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This last season wasn’t the best. I didn’t like the sirens very much and Damon was so annoying without his humanity! But, the last episode was very good! It was all about the good times.

They were fighting the first villain, Katharine Pierce, who was commanding hell after Cade died. It was about the journey of two brothers that, despite everything, loved each other. They brought back all the characters in a way or another, and even though most of them didn’t have any lines (like Jeremy), it was nice to see them.

So, Katharine wanted to bring hell on Mystic Falls, but Bonnie had a plan, a plan that needed a sacrifice. Damon and Stefan discussed about who “deserved” to be the sacrifice and, in the end, Stefan outsmarted Damon and died. Before that, he injected the cure on Damon, so he could live a normal life with Elena.

The last scenes showed Elena and Damon walking together and then meeting their loved ones, meaning they had lived happily together till they died and met their families. It was a nice scene.

What I didn’t like this season, including the last episode:

-Tyler went back just to die. What was that? So meaningless!

-Why was Bonnie deprived of happiness? Look at her story, she deserved to find happiness with Enzo. Everything always goes bad for Bonnie. That was unfair.

-Stefan deserved better. I say this considering the hole series. He was Elena’s love for a long time, but, when they’d put Elena and Damon together, it was all about how it was always Damon. He didn’t have to die in the end.

-Damon became too annoying. Never learning from his mistakes and I was tired of how the only thing that could make him act “good” was Elena.

Even though it wasn’t how I would like it to end, it was very consistent and I’m going to miss the show.


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The last two episodes were all about the Zerstörer. After learning that he had went trhough the mirror, the gang needs to find and kill him. Meanwhile, Adalind, Renard and the kids are hiding in the cabin from the first episode of Grimm – I liked how they wanted to make a reference about the beginning of the show, but I think the flashbacks weren’t necessary. I mean, there was so much to do with just two episodes left!
I have to admit that I was worry about Wu and Hank, because I couldn’t believe that after all these years they would kill one of the gang. I was furious!
Then, when the Zerstörer started to kill ALL characters, I thought that everything was going to be alright!
I loved how all the grimms fought together in the end. The final scenes were great too, Nick coming back through the mirror and finding everyone alive was very sweet. Then they jumped to the future and we see Kelly and Diana. This finale was so Grimm! It mirroes what the show was for all these 6 seasons.
What I thought was weird was how Diana simply started to like the Zerstörer. Why? Did I miss something? Then her parents died, because of him, and she has zero reaction!
I didn’t like Nick beating Trubel either. I understand that he wanted all of them back, but the scene made me uneasy and it wasn’t something a hero was supposed to do.
Oh, and I wanted to see the triplets, to know their gender and what kind of wesen they are. What a shame.
Would you watch a spin off with Kelly, Diana and the triplets? I would!


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This week, another season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came to an end.

The last two episodes were very interesting. First, they have shown the Legion of Doom’s perspective. They stole the Spear of Destiny and created their own perfect reality, but, while Eobard wanted to destroy the Spear and make the reality permanent, his mates had different plans.

Meanwhile, the Legends started to realize the reality was wrong and decided to act quickly. His plans went wrong when Snart killed Amaya and Eobard succeeded in destroying the Spear.

I liked how The Legion was winning. Putting these villains together were a great idea and I liked their motivations. Sometimes I even rooted for them to win, especially after how the Legends had treated Mick.

After all that, the Legends’ only alternative was to go back in time and prevent the Legion of Doom to succeed, breaking the first rule of time travel – never interact with your past self.

About that, Eobard was very clever the whole episode (I didn’t expect less) and the Legion managed to kill some of the Legends (the time aberrations), which I also enjoyed, because these guys were the main villains of Arrow and Flash.

What I didn’t like was Snart killing Mick. I don’t think he would do that, even if Mick didn’t want to do whatever he says. I think he tries to manipulate Mick sometimes, but I don’t think that he treats Mick like a dog, as they’ve pointed out. Sorry, but Snart and Mick belong together.

Another thing that I didn’t like was Rip leaving the ship. It is HIS ship and HE should be the captain.

Overall, I think this season was way better than the previous.