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DisneyXD announced the return of the beloved show for August 12, in a one hour TV movie, and it is already renewed for a second season.

The opening will feature a modern version of the original song (Yes!!). I couldn’t imagine the show with another song.

The animation is very different from the classic and, to be honest, I prefer the classic. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite animated shows, so I will definitely watch!

PS: I loved David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck!



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The news is not surprising. Unfortunately, the show’s ratings were never good, but I will miss it anyway.

What I liked about the show:

-The Nightingale case: I think it was especially interesting, since the audience needed to know about the killer because of Remy’s mother.

-The relationship between Remy and her father: I liked their interactions and both characters were likeable.

-The “messing with time”: I love shows that mess with time, that’s why I started to watch it in the first place. The fact the one small change, makes everything different is very cool.

What I didn’t like about the show:

-The main thing that I really hated was Remy’s boyfriend Daniel. I never felt like they were “meant to be”. Just the first episode wasn’t enough to care about them as a couple. Plus, I think he acted as a terrible person. He let her think he had broken up with his fiancée, but he was seeing both of them. For all that I saw in these episodes, he could do the same with Remy (cheating on her like he did with the fiancée). Totally hate him.

-The second thing is how Remy treated Kyle. Kyle was such a better option. Even when Remy was a jerk with him, he gave her another chance. He respected her fears of a relationship and that was much more than that Daniel guy ever did. And I think they didn’t give them a chance.

-Also, I think some episodes in the middle wasn’t very compelling, they felt like a filler.

In general, I really liked the show and, luckily, we got some closure. It wasn’t the ideal, because the killer was never caught (but I can live with that) and because Frank died anyway, although years later (I kept wishing for him to be alive in the end).

Are you going to miss Frequency?

EDIT: CW has released a short ending for the show. With that, we have the confirmation that they got the Nightingale killer and, in the end, Frank didn’t die in the car crash.


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The Magicians is renewed for Season 3!! (Link:

This is great news! The Magicians is based on Lev Grossman’s books. I haven’t read the books (yet!), but, from what I read here and there, the TV show is a little different.

The TV show is about some students from Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. Quentin is the main character, but the show doesn’t focus only on his story. Quentin loves a fantasy book series about a place called Fillory, which is very important for the situation the characters are living.

I have to say that the show has dark themes too and weird things happens all the time. I like how it is unpredictable and different from other shows with “magic theme”. I recommend it!


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According to TV Line, Netflix just renewed A Series Of Unfortunate Events for a third season! Here’s the link:

With that, the fans have the certainty that the Netflix adaptation will cover all the books, unlike the film adaptation.

The first season adapted four of the thirteen books and, in my opinion, the adaptation is just perfect. The characters and story are faithful to the original, and the few changes just made it better.

I can’t wait for next season, especially because “The Austere Academy” is one of my favorite books from the series.

For those who doesn’t know the TV Show or the books, here is a very quickly summary:
The Baudelaires (Violet, Klaus and Sunny) return from a walk on the beach and found their home destroyed by a fire, which also culminate with the perishing of their parents’ lives.
After that, the children are sent to live in a variety of places, always being followed by the eveil Count Olaf, who wants the family’s fortune.

I highly recommend it!