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Some friends insisted for me to watch this show, so I finally did it. I’ve watched all 3 seasons in a week!

We all get so involved in the characters’ lives, that we root for them to succeed, but they do a lot of horrible things.

Who is the better person?

Let’s analyze!

PS: I am not putting Nate or Oliver, because they don’t know the whole picture (yet).


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Remember when she said that she destroys everyone? She was right. She only makes messes. If the others had just call the police the night Sam died, they would see it was self-defense (the blood on Rebecca was proof that Sam was on top of her). and nothing would’ve happened.

She framed her own boyfriend! A nice guy! She destroyed his career.

She omitted that Rebecca was killed. Later, she decided to say that on Wes’ face, so he would shoot her. The poor boy had already killed someone and she thinks is ok to mess with his head like that. He could’ve killed her and this would destroy him.

She forced everyone to forge a false crime scene. They’ve put the blame on an innocent girl.

What about Bonnie? She has some kind of power over her. She says she is like a daughter, but constantly treats her like s*&%.

Connor didn’t want Oliver to get involved in any of this, but Annalise couldn’t help it. She uses every resources that she can find.

I would never trust this woman.


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The guy is a sociopath. And, yet, he isn’t the worst of them. He does the dirty work for all of them, but, as Bonnie said once, he is only doing as he is told. All these people ask are illegal stuff. Sam demanded him to kill, Annalise ordered him to frame a lot of innocent people etc. Annalise thinks she gave him a chance, after he got out of jail, but the truth is she didn’t. She has helped to create the monster. We can’t forget that he killed Wes’ supposed father, with no reason at all. That was the worst thing he did, in my opinion. He did it not because someone asked, not because he was protecting someone, just because.


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Poor Bonnie. She was so mistreated in life. That is why she is a mess. She thinks she owes Annalise and accepts every abuse from her. The problem is she lies a lot, like Annalise, tries to fix things the wrong ways, like Annalise. She lied to Asher about killing Sam, just because she didn’t want him to testify. She never thought about him.

However, I wouldn’t put her here if she hasn’t killed Rebecca. The girl, although annoying, was innocent and didn’t deserve to die. She was scared and didn’t know who to trust, and, then, she had a horrible death by asphyxiation. I think that’s enough for me.


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She used to be one of my favorites, but she is getting worse. Maybe she is becoming Annalise. She did everything that Annalise ordered. She told Frank about Wes’ secret (who he thought was his father), and that’s why the guy died. How come she never thought the blame was on her and her big mouth? What about poor Kan? She cheated on him and treat him badly.

She stole Michaela’s engagement ring and let her have the worst feelings that the police would find it and she would be arrested.

Let’s not forget that she asked Frank to get rid of Rebecca.

In addition to that, she treated Connor badly, even telling him to kill himself, just because he omitted that he tried to SAVE Wes. No one ever tells everything they’ve known. Her reaction wasn’t ok. She doesn’t deserve sympathy at this point. Moreover, even if she doesn’t know yet, Wes’ death was her father’s fault. Let’s see if she would think SHE is the one to blame, like she likes to do with the others.


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Asher was just a douche. Wait, no. He was a douche who covered up a gang rape. He started to get evidence for the DA because of that past act. However, when he learns (wrongly) that Bonnie has killed Sam and that she was a victim of child abuse, he decided not to testify, because he wanted to protect her. He knew this could go wrong for his father, but he did choose Bonnie over him. When his father killed himself, he lost it, and killed Sinclair. It wasn’t self-defense and she wasn’t his father’s murder. Then, he has helped to create the false crime scene.

In addition, he beat Connor repeatedly in the face for being insensitive, I think that is proof that he loses control easily and has violence issues.

Nevertheless, he became less annoying and tried to be a good person after all, even if he sometimes isn’t.


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Wes was such a nice guy. He wanted to help his neighbor and even convinced Annalise to be her lawyer, because that was the right thing to do. However, he has changed. When he killed Sam, it was self-defense, but he manipulated everyone to get rid of the body and keep their mouths shut, because he wanted to protect Rebecca and himself. He did what Annalise said and omitted her involvement. When he became a little paranoid about everything and started to distrust Rebecca, that led to her being kept captive.

He shot Annalise because he was angry that she lied and, although I blame Annalise for that one, he did pull the trigger.


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Michaela was annoying at first. She wanted to be the best and it didn’t feel like she was going to be friends with anyone. Now, people trusts her and she is a good friend. She sees that Annalise is not good, but believes she can protect them. She grew up a lot. The problem is that she started to freak out less and less. She got used to the horrible things that always happens. She yelled at Annalise some truths, but in the end she is in the game. That’s the only reason why I didn’t put her first. She finally believes that Annalise is doing everything to protect them, but Annalise is the reason they need protection in the first place.


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Connor is more messed up than Michaela. Sam’s murder broke him. Nevertheless, I find him the only normal person in this group. Being ok with all that happened (murder, cover up, framing, etc) is so wrong. He was never ok with not going to the police, he was never ok on doing something bad (he refused to help stage the crime scene), he didn’t want Oliver involved, and not because he was afraid to go to jail, just because he loves him. He wanted to go away from everything and start over, and that’s exactly what a normal person would want.




I made a list of some hurtful cancelations. I didn’t put shows that had had a long and happy existence, but the ones which didn’t have a chance.


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The pilot was great. It reminded me of “I, Robot”. It had a complex mystery, that, unfortunately, they didn’t developed. I think they focused too much on the procedure part and forgot to develop the actual story. It never went deep. I don’t know if a second season could fix everything, but the show wasted a good story and good actors.


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I think TTP started great, the story and the characters were interesting and so were the ratings. Unfortunately, some things weren’t well executed and the show lost viewers. I think that a second season could’ve fixed what wasn’t functioning in the show, because it definitely had potential.


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I saw that cancelation coming, but it hurt anyway. Smash’s first season wasn’t perfect, but was consistent. The competition to be the protagonist of the musical was the main plot, and the season finale, for me, was perfect. The second season, though, didn’t start very strong and it only got worse. The new Smash was too “Gossip Girl”, the storylines weren’t compelling either. I kept wishing for a new chance, but it never came. I miss the songs too, all the cast is very talented.



This show is one of the best legal dramas I’ve ever watched. The cases were touching and the focus was on the people and their cases, not on how to maneuver to win, like other legal shows do.


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Limitless was one of the new TV Shows that I was most enjoying. Although I wish it was less procedural, I loved the story and the characters. It was even better to see the protagonist of the movie there. I think it had so much potential and it was fun to watch.



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I like Agent Carter more than Agents of SHIELD. It was clever, fun and a real delight. Peggy is a strong lead character and I liked the male characters too, especially Jarvis. I was upset when it ended (and with a cliffhanger!). I hated when Netflix didn’t want to pick it up.



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I knew the cancelation would happen when they announced it on NBC on a Friday night. This was a perfect CW show. Constantine is a character different from from the others, an anti-hero. I admit that the season wasn’t great, but, like Supergirl, this could’ve been changed. I had hope that CW would pick it up.


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I think nobody remembers this show. It is from 2002. The show was about a guy who didn’t remember anything about him, but knew everything about whatever topic. It had a lot of mysteryes and it ended without telling any of them. And it ended with a horrible cliffhanger. I never recovered from this cancellation. The worst part? At that time, I didn’t know anything about cancellations, so I just waited for the show to comeback. And waited and waited, but it never did.


I made this list with some of the British TV Shows that I like and recommend.

Let me know your opinion about them and, most important, if you know another amazing British TV Show, please tell me.


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The doctor who spin off started as a darker show, aiming a mature audience. The group, lead by Captain Jack Harkness, deals with aliens’ matters.

The reason why Torchwood is on the bottom of this list is its hidious fourth (and last) season. The show moved from BBC to Starz and was completely americanized. They’ve also simply ignored what was created in Doctor Who. The plot was full of holes too.

Despite of that, I recommend seasons 1-3 and, then, pretend it just ended there, since season 3 finale serves as a great series finale!


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This show is about a group of misfits that gain powers after a storm. What makes the show fun is the fact that the characters are not heroes, on the contrary, they’re doing Community Service, and they make a lot of messes with their weird powers.

The show is consistent till the end.


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This show is a delight! I love everything about the historical period drama, the clothes, the characters, the landscape, all of it! The lives of the Crawley family and their staff are very interesting and the show has many sides, romance, war, prejudice, among others. The women are strong and bold, way ahead of their time.

I have to say that I enjoyed seasons 1-3 more than seasons 4-6. I didn’t like some plots and sometimes it felt a little repetitive. The end was ok, but I expected more.


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The best adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. The chemistry between him and Watson is amazing, I feel like they’re almost brothers. I like how the episodes are more extensive, and a lot of them are based on Sherlock Holmes’ books.

The fourth season had bad reviews, but I think they were a little harsh. I didn’t like some stuff, but it had good parts too.

I hope it isn’t the end.


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Doctor Who is about an alien (The Doctor), who travels through time and space, usually with a human companion.

The reason why it’s number one is because of seasons 1-7. I liked season 8, but season 9, for me, was just horrible. I didn’t enjoy any of the episodes, it just doesn’t feel like old doctor who anymore.

But, focusing on the good, the show is clever and fun, it has lighter and darker themes and, the fact that The Doctor and his companions keep changing, it’s a good thing, because it doesn’t get weary.

I also like how the episodes are all linked by the main story of the season.

I’ll keep watching, hoping that it gets some of its magic back, especially now that they’ve announced a new executive producer. Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite stories are from Steven Moffat’s era, but I think he stayed too long and ran out of good ideas.


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While we have to wait for Nashville to come back, I made a list, ranking the best songs from Season 5 so far. It’s always hard to choose one over another, but I’ve tried my best.

Here we go:

10) BURN TO DARK (Feat. Chris Carmack)

A beautiful song about love and still longing for the person you just lost. I think, it’s too short though. I kept waiting for more.

09) ON MY WAY (Feat. Hayden Panettiere & Jonathan Jackson)

A great rendition from Hayden, her voice is very soft and emotional. The song is about trying to be on the right track, but not being quite there yet.

08) YOU’RE MINE (Feat. Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, Jonathan Jackson, Chris Carmack, Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio, Lennon & Maisy, Charles Esten)

I loved this song and how everybody sang in it. The vocals merged together in a beautiful way. I just wish the song was more extensive.

07) MY FAVORITE HURRICANE (Feat. Connie Britton and Charles Esten)

This song is one of the delightful Rayna and Deacon’s duets. It has a certain torment in the lyrics, a love with pain, and the vocals show us exactly that.

06) SIMPLE AS THAT ( Feat. Charles Esten)

How great is Charles Esten? When the song started, I didn’t know what to expect, but, as it progressed, I really enjoyed. The chorus is adoring. Very sweet.

05) WIDE OPEN (Feat. Will Chase)

I miss Will Chase! And this song made me desire him back even more. This music is so country, the chorus addictive, his voice amazing as always. I hear this all the time.

04) CAN’T REMEMBER NEVER LOVING YOU (Feat. Connie Britton and Charles Esten)

Another amazing duet from them. This one is more upbeat and the lyrics are very romantic. A true love letter.

03) ALREADY GONE (Feat. Connie Britton)

I wanted this song since season one! I loved when Rayna first played and it was worth the wait. I am very hooked!

02) ALL OF ME (Feat. Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio)

I love The Exes songs. I think their voices are perfect together and they have an intimacy that is just amazing. I don’t know if I prefer the normal version of the song or the Bluebird Set, but I think the later is more their style (it is also the one which the lyrics says “blue eyes” instead of “golden eyes”.

01) SANCTUARY (Feat. Charles Esten and Lennon & Maisy)

This song has beautiful lyrics and it was sung on the most emotional episode of Nashville. I had goosebumps with the performance. Simply AMAZING.


We have some great songs this year, but something has bothered me a lot. I don’t understand why they recorded so many songs from the new characters (Hallie and Clay) and just one song from Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio and Hayden Panettiere. I personally didn’t like the new characters’ songs very much (none of them made the cut).

But what about you guys? Which songs are your favorites so far?