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I’ve talked about some frustrations with Nashville in a previous post. Nevertheless, I want to make a few more observations.

Last season, when they announced new showrunners, it was stated that a potential new season would have some changes, fixing some problems. After that, when CMT pick it up, they emphasized that the music would be the main storyline.

This never happened.


What was wrong with Nashville ABC:

-Political storylines:

Since the beggining, the Lamar storyline, then Teddy’s, about politics were the worst part of Nashville. In the end, they shut it down, with Teddy going to jail and Tendy going away.

-Maddie Conrad/Claybourne/Jaymes:

Maddie was a brat since season 1. The worst part was her emancipation storyline, which gave her even more screen time. Everything was just so wrong, the way she treated her boyfriend, the way she treated her father and mother, the way she sided with a completely crazy stranger. At least, in the end of season 4, they put an end in the whole thing.

-Too much soap:

This involves all the characters storylines.

In my opinion, I think the Juliette post-partum storyline could be better handled. I didn’t like the way her character lost all the growth. In the end of the season she redeemed herself though.

Crazy Layla was another problem. Sometimes she was good, sometimes she was a villain. They didn’t know what to do with her character, which was a shame, since I love her voice and her songs.

Gunnar and Scarlett were never in the same page. What I didn’t like in season 4 was the silly fights (like when they did an interview). In the end of the season, they decided to be together.

I think they fixed a lot of things by the end of season 4, maybe because they thought it was the end, but it gave the show the chance to start clean in another channel.


What is wrong with Nashville CMT:

-Rayna’s death:

I know it was the actress choice, but it sucks. Also, I didn’t like the way she died (the car crash). I think the stalker storyline was good and very real, so it would be ok for her to die because of it.

-Maddie again:

Maddie continued to be a brat and continued to have too much screen time.


Now Daphne started to be a brat. I know her mother just died, but I don’t want to watch a show about two teenagers being difficult.

-Juliette doing nothing:

Juliette is recovering, ok. Then she started to make a gospel album, but we didn’t see the process at all. In fact, all we saw was her recording “On my way”. I wanted to see her writing, recording, having difficulties with the new genre… Moreover, she wasn’t in a lot of the episodes or had just a few scenes.


I wouldn’t mind him as just Rayna’s partner, but him and Will? Didn’t like at all. I loved Will with Kevin, and they didn’t give them a chance. Will’s confusion felt weird, after their season 4 finale.

-Gunnar and Scarlett:

I thought we were past this. Scarlett is unrecognizable to me. She has some issues, but, now, she is just unlikeable. She blamed Gunnar for all of their issues. Last season she realized she was in love with him and wanted to be with him. Then, suddenly, she feels numb about him? The worst was her relationship with Damien. Back at season 1, Scarlet was with Avery, but had a connection with Gunnar. We could clearly see how she had feelings for both. This time, though, it was all poorly written. We don’t see any feelings between them. Did she fell in love with him just because she thought his video was good and captured her inner self? Really? Even when they throw them down our throats, I didn’t feel any chemistry between them. Now, she is pregnant of him, but Gunnar wants to step in? Why?

-Reuse of previous storylines:

Crashes: Rayna was in a car crash in season 1 finale and almost died. Now, another car crash and her death. In addition, there was Juliette’s plane crash at the beginning of this season. Too many crashes.

Another baby/paternity storyline: This new Scarlett storyline is the worst. They just merged the Gunnar paternity storyline with Juliette pregnancy storyline. The first one was about a kid who Gunnar thought was his son, but end up being his brother. The second was Juliette’s unplanned pregnancy, and, like Scarlett, she didn’t know who the father was, but, fortunately, found out it was Avery’s.

Teenager brat: Like Maddie wasn’t enough, now Daphne is a brat.

-Lots of new character’s songs and fewer old characters songs: If you are paying attention, you saw that Clay and Hallie had a lot of songs in the first part of season 5, but Juliette and The Exes had ONE.


I will continue to watch the show, since I have hope it will get better, but I am a little disappointed with everything.



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Some friends insisted for me to watch this show, so I finally did it. I’ve watched all 3 seasons in a week!

We all get so involved in the characters’ lives, that we root for them to succeed, but they do a lot of horrible things.

Who is the better person?

Let’s analyze!

PS: I am not putting Nate or Oliver, because they don’t know the whole picture (yet).


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Remember when she said that she destroys everyone? She was right. She only makes messes. If the others had just call the police the night Sam died, they would see it was self-defense (the blood on Rebecca was proof that Sam was on top of her). and nothing would’ve happened.

She framed her own boyfriend! A nice guy! She destroyed his career.

She omitted that Rebecca was killed. Later, she decided to say that on Wes’ face, so he would shoot her. The poor boy had already killed someone and she thinks is ok to mess with his head like that. He could’ve killed her and this would destroy him.

She forced everyone to forge a false crime scene. They’ve put the blame on an innocent girl.

What about Bonnie? She has some kind of power over her. She says she is like a daughter, but constantly treats her like s*&%.

Connor didn’t want Oliver to get involved in any of this, but Annalise couldn’t help it. She uses every resources that she can find.

I would never trust this woman.


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The guy is a sociopath. And, yet, he isn’t the worst of them. He does the dirty work for all of them, but, as Bonnie said once, he is only doing as he is told. All these people ask are illegal stuff. Sam demanded him to kill, Annalise ordered him to frame a lot of innocent people etc. Annalise thinks she gave him a chance, after he got out of jail, but the truth is she didn’t. She has helped to create the monster. We can’t forget that he killed Wes’ supposed father, with no reason at all. That was the worst thing he did, in my opinion. He did it not because someone asked, not because he was protecting someone, just because.


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Poor Bonnie. She was so mistreated in life. That is why she is a mess. She thinks she owes Annalise and accepts every abuse from her. The problem is she lies a lot, like Annalise, tries to fix things the wrong ways, like Annalise. She lied to Asher about killing Sam, just because she didn’t want him to testify. She never thought about him.

However, I wouldn’t put her here if she hasn’t killed Rebecca. The girl, although annoying, was innocent and didn’t deserve to die. She was scared and didn’t know who to trust, and, then, she had a horrible death by asphyxiation. I think that’s enough for me.


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She used to be one of my favorites, but she is getting worse. Maybe she is becoming Annalise. She did everything that Annalise ordered. She told Frank about Wes’ secret (who he thought was his father), and that’s why the guy died. How come she never thought the blame was on her and her big mouth? What about poor Kan? She cheated on him and treat him badly.

She stole Michaela’s engagement ring and let her have the worst feelings that the police would find it and she would be arrested.

Let’s not forget that she asked Frank to get rid of Rebecca.

In addition to that, she treated Connor badly, even telling him to kill himself, just because he omitted that he tried to SAVE Wes. No one ever tells everything they’ve known. Her reaction wasn’t ok. She doesn’t deserve sympathy at this point. Moreover, even if she doesn’t know yet, Wes’ death was her father’s fault. Let’s see if she would think SHE is the one to blame, like she likes to do with the others.


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Asher was just a douche. Wait, no. He was a douche who covered up a gang rape. He started to get evidence for the DA because of that past act. However, when he learns (wrongly) that Bonnie has killed Sam and that she was a victim of child abuse, he decided not to testify, because he wanted to protect her. He knew this could go wrong for his father, but he did choose Bonnie over him. When his father killed himself, he lost it, and killed Sinclair. It wasn’t self-defense and she wasn’t his father’s murder. Then, he has helped to create the false crime scene.

In addition, he beat Connor repeatedly in the face for being insensitive, I think that is proof that he loses control easily and has violence issues.

Nevertheless, he became less annoying and tried to be a good person after all, even if he sometimes isn’t.


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Wes was such a nice guy. He wanted to help his neighbor and even convinced Annalise to be her lawyer, because that was the right thing to do. However, he has changed. When he killed Sam, it was self-defense, but he manipulated everyone to get rid of the body and keep their mouths shut, because he wanted to protect Rebecca and himself. He did what Annalise said and omitted her involvement. When he became a little paranoid about everything and started to distrust Rebecca, that led to her being kept captive.

He shot Annalise because he was angry that she lied and, although I blame Annalise for that one, he did pull the trigger.


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Michaela was annoying at first. She wanted to be the best and it didn’t feel like she was going to be friends with anyone. Now, people trusts her and she is a good friend. She sees that Annalise is not good, but believes she can protect them. She grew up a lot. The problem is that she started to freak out less and less. She got used to the horrible things that always happens. She yelled at Annalise some truths, but in the end she is in the game. That’s the only reason why I didn’t put her first. She finally believes that Annalise is doing everything to protect them, but Annalise is the reason they need protection in the first place.


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Connor is more messed up than Michaela. Sam’s murder broke him. Nevertheless, I find him the only normal person in this group. Being ok with all that happened (murder, cover up, framing, etc) is so wrong. He was never ok with not going to the police, he was never ok on doing something bad (he refused to help stage the crime scene), he didn’t want Oliver involved, and not because he was afraid to go to jail, just because he loves him. He wanted to go away from everything and start over, and that’s exactly what a normal person would want.



Female characters are being written off TV shows as they were disposable, no matter how important they are for the show. For a variety of reasons, like giving the male lead motivation or letting the actress go for budgetary reasons, the pile of losses is big.


On Sleepy Hollow, the lead female character, Abbie Mills, played by Nicole Beharie, was murdered by the end of third season.

The truth about Nicole’s departure it’s not clear, though.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that Nicole “had been unhappy and actively was trying to exit the series for quite some time”. After the show’s renewal  Fox’s CEO affirmed: “It was not a decision that we wanted to make initially. We ended up being put in a situation where that was a decision that needed to be made”.

On the other hand, her character was being overshadowed for quite a while, which even started the trend #abbiemillsdeservesbetter.

Therefore, underutilizing her character, that was a co-lead, giving her less screen time and secondary storylines, especially to highlight the male co-lead, demonstrate how the sexism took over.

Besides that, her character died making a sacrifice for the team, which of course includes the male lead. With Abbie’s death Crane is motivated to go to Washington D.C and find the next witness.


Arrow too decided to kill off one of the main cast. The murder of Black Canary (Katy Cassidy) left many fans angry, since the character is the Green Arrow’s romantic interest in the comics and it was supposed to be the lead female.

The showrunner stated that “The reason to [kill Laurel off] is it is big. It is bold. It does move the show forward. It does impact all of our characters.”

The problem is that, when they started the season with someone in the grave, they didn’t know who would’ve end up being dead. That shows that they wasn’t planning on killing Laurel before and it didn’t have to be her, particularly.

Arrow Executive Producer Wendy Mericle said of who is in the grave, ‘We don’t necessarily know who it is right now. We’re still planning out the whole season, but we want it, obviously, to have resonance, and if it doesn’t mean anything to the characters, it won’t to the audience either.'”

Another factor that enraged fans, was Laurel’s dying scene, where she didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to her father, but had enough time to support Oliver and Felicity’s love.

So, not only Laurel had to die to give Oliver the anger needed to fight the big bad of the season, she used her last minutes of life to incentivize him to pursue another woman.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time Arrow put women in refrigerators. Since the beginning of the series this plot device is used to give Oliver depth and to form his new and better character. You can count on Arrow’s refrigerator: Shado, Moira, Sara, Thea and now Laurel, all of them dead for the development of the male lead.


The Originals was another TV show that decided to kill off female characters. Camille O’Connell (Leah Pipes) was a psychologist, bartender and a moral compass to Klaus. Since the pilot she was part of the main cast and also a love interest for Klaus.

According to the showrunner, they decided to kill Cami in the third season, and built her path towards her true death. The actress, as well, stated that she was warned about her character potentially dying.

The death, in this case, at least has been planned for some time, but that doesn’t change the fact that her death came to push the male lead (Klaus) forward.

In her last moments she talked to Klaus about what she meant to him, about dying and about how he was, actually, good. The way Cami was murdered and the grieve Klaus endured persuade him to finish the war against his enemies and contributed enormously to his character growth.


The same can be said about Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell), also from The Originals. Although Davina was the main witch of the show since the first season, she died for the purpose of giving a male character (Marcel) motivation to fight the Mikaelsons.

In this case, Marcel is not the male lead, but a very important part of the main cast and he often antagonizes with the Mikaelsons to protect the community of vampires, while, for the Mikaelsons, family is all that matters.

Consequently, Marcel occasionally acts as the hero, fighting against the powerful family.

This time, though, he was at the family’s side, therefore a strong reason to initiate his anger was needed. Davina was, since the beginning, Marcel’s protégée and the impact of her death, especially since the killer was a Mikaelson, would drive the plot forward.

5) LEXA (THE 100)

Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), even though wasn’t a lead on the show, has grown into a beloved character.

The controversy about her death was because the character became not only a fan favorite but also a symbol for LGBT representation. Moreover, the way the character died was another factor for the rage among fans, since she died shot by mistake, after having just experienced some happiness in the midst of all the chaos of the war.

The character were a leader, a fighter, and dying in battle would be the death she deserved.



Rosalind was a minor character in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The problem is that her character was, seemingly, created to be a “woman in refrigerator”.

She was introduced as a powerful women, in a high position. Since the beginning, Coulson was dazzled by her and her development in the show happened to lead the two into a romantic relationship. The romance, however, ended abruptly by her murder.

Coulson gained the motivation needed to end Ward and Hydra.



ABC Network announced in April that, for budgetary reasons, Stana Katic and Tamala Jones wouldn’t return for a possible ninth season.

After eight years being the female lead of the show, the network didn’t even offer Katic the chance to negotiate a comeback. When it came to reducing costs, the women, including the lead, were the first to get cut.

The decision of cutting off Katic received serious backlash from the fans, who even initiated a campaign for the show to be canceled, with #CancelCastle, #NoStanaNoCastle and #NoBeckettNoShow among the hashtags that were used in Twitter.

The network, though, continued the contracts negotiations, announcing that Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas would all comeback for the possible new season. Considering the news reported by the sites TVLine, Deadline and TV By The Numbers, it looked like the renew was a sure thing, at least for a final season.

At the end, though, the show was canceled.

If it wasn’t, the likely ending would be her death and the ninth season would contemplate a more developed Castle, changed by the tragedy. Also, her death would be perfect to change the whole dynamic of the show, giving the male lead all the screen time.