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This last season wasn’t the best. I didn’t like the sirens very much and Damon was so annoying without his humanity! But, the last episode was very good! It was all about the good times.

They were fighting the first villain, Katharine Pierce, who was commanding hell after Cade died. It was about the journey of two brothers that, despite everything, loved each other. They brought back all the characters in a way or another, and even though most of them didn’t have any lines (like Jeremy), it was nice to see them.

So, Katharine wanted to bring hell on Mystic Falls, but Bonnie had a plan, a plan that needed a sacrifice. Damon and Stefan discussed about who “deserved” to be the sacrifice and, in the end, Stefan outsmarted Damon and died. Before that, he injected the cure on Damon, so he could live a normal life with Elena.

The last scenes showed Elena and Damon walking together and then meeting their loved ones, meaning they had lived happily together till they died and met their families. It was a nice scene.

What I didn’t like this season, including the last episode:

-Tyler went back just to die. What was that? So meaningless!

-Why was Bonnie deprived of happiness? Look at her story, she deserved to find happiness with Enzo. Everything always goes bad for Bonnie. That was unfair.

-Stefan deserved better. I say this considering the hole series. He was Elena’s love for a long time, but, when they’d put Elena and Damon together, it was all about how it was always Damon. He didn’t have to die in the end.

-Damon became too annoying. Never learning from his mistakes and I was tired of how the only thing that could make him act “good” was Elena.

Even though it wasn’t how I would like it to end, it was very consistent and I’m going to miss the show.


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