I made a list of some hurtful cancelations. I didn’t put shows that had had a long and happy existence, but the ones which didn’t have a chance.


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The pilot was great. It reminded me of “I, Robot”. It had a complex mystery, that, unfortunately, they didn’t developed. I think they focused too much on the procedure part and forgot to develop the actual story. It never went deep. I don’t know if a second season could fix everything, but the show wasted a good story and good actors.


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I think TTP started great, the story and the characters were interesting and so were the ratings. Unfortunately, some things weren’t well executed and the show lost viewers. I think that a second season could’ve fixed what wasn’t functioning in the show, because it definitely had potential.


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I saw that cancelation coming, but it hurt anyway. Smash’s first season wasn’t perfect, but was consistent. The competition to be the protagonist of the musical was the main plot, and the season finale, for me, was perfect. The second season, though, didn’t start very strong and it only got worse. The new Smash was too “Gossip Girl”, the storylines weren’t compelling either. I kept wishing for a new chance, but it never came. I miss the songs too, all the cast is very talented.



This show is one of the best legal dramas I’ve ever watched. The cases were touching and the focus was on the people and their cases, not on how to maneuver to win, like other legal shows do.


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Limitless was one of the new TV Shows that I was most enjoying. Although I wish it was less procedural, I loved the story and the characters. It was even better to see the protagonist of the movie there. I think it had so much potential and it was fun to watch.



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I like Agent Carter more than Agents of SHIELD. It was clever, fun and a real delight. Peggy is a strong lead character and I liked the male characters too, especially Jarvis. I was upset when it ended (and with a cliffhanger!). I hated when Netflix didn’t want to pick it up.



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I knew the cancelation would happen when they announced it on NBC on a Friday night. This was a perfect CW show. Constantine is a character different from from the others, an anti-hero. I admit that the season wasn’t great, but, like Supergirl, this could’ve been changed. I had hope that CW would pick it up.


Image result for john doe tv show
I think nobody remembers this show. It is from 2002. The show was about a guy who didn’t remember anything about him, but knew everything about whatever topic. It had a lot of mysteryes and it ended without telling any of them. And it ended with a horrible cliffhanger. I never recovered from this cancellation. The worst part? At that time, I didn’t know anything about cancellations, so I just waited for the show to comeback. And waited and waited, but it never did.

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