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The last two episodes were all about the Zerstörer. After learning that he had went trhough the mirror, the gang needs to find and kill him. Meanwhile, Adalind, Renard and the kids are hiding in the cabin from the first episode of Grimm – I liked how they wanted to make a reference about the beginning of the show, but I think the flashbacks weren’t necessary. I mean, there was so much to do with just two episodes left!
I have to admit that I was worry about Wu and Hank, because I couldn’t believe that after all these years they would kill one of the gang. I was furious!
Then, when the Zerstörer started to kill ALL characters, I thought that everything was going to be alright!
I loved how all the grimms fought together in the end. The final scenes were great too, Nick coming back through the mirror and finding everyone alive was very sweet. Then they jumped to the future and we see Kelly and Diana. This finale was so Grimm! It mirroes what the show was for all these 6 seasons.
What I thought was weird was how Diana simply started to like the Zerstörer. Why? Did I miss something? Then her parents died, because of him, and she has zero reaction!
I didn’t like Nick beating Trubel either. I understand that he wanted all of them back, but the scene made me uneasy and it wasn’t something a hero was supposed to do.
Oh, and I wanted to see the triplets, to know their gender and what kind of wesen they are. What a shame.
Would you watch a spin off with Kelly, Diana and the triplets? I would!

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