I made this list with some of the British TV Shows that I like and recommend.

Let me know your opinion about them and, most important, if you know another amazing British TV Show, please tell me.


 Image result for torchwood

The doctor who spin off started as a darker show, aiming a mature audience. The group, lead by Captain Jack Harkness, deals with aliens’ matters.

The reason why Torchwood is on the bottom of this list is its hidious fourth (and last) season. The show moved from BBC to Starz and was completely americanized. They’ve also simply ignored what was created in Doctor Who. The plot was full of holes too.

Despite of that, I recommend seasons 1-3 and, then, pretend it just ended there, since season 3 finale serves as a great series finale!


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This show is about a group of misfits that gain powers after a storm. What makes the show fun is the fact that the characters are not heroes, on the contrary, they’re doing Community Service, and they make a lot of messes with their weird powers.

The show is consistent till the end.


 Image result for downton abbey

This show is a delight! I love everything about the historical period drama, the clothes, the characters, the landscape, all of it! The lives of the Crawley family and their staff are very interesting and the show has many sides, romance, war, prejudice, among others. The women are strong and bold, way ahead of their time.

I have to say that I enjoyed seasons 1-3 more than seasons 4-6. I didn’t like some plots and sometimes it felt a little repetitive. The end was ok, but I expected more.


 Image result for sherlock

The best adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. The chemistry between him and Watson is amazing, I feel like they’re almost brothers. I like how the episodes are more extensive, and a lot of them are based on Sherlock Holmes’ books.

The fourth season had bad reviews, but I think they were a little harsh. I didn’t like some stuff, but it had good parts too.

I hope it isn’t the end.


 Image result for doctor who series 4

Doctor Who is about an alien (The Doctor), who travels through time and space, usually with a human companion.

The reason why it’s number one is because of seasons 1-7. I liked season 8, but season 9, for me, was just horrible. I didn’t enjoy any of the episodes, it just doesn’t feel like old doctor who anymore.

But, focusing on the good, the show is clever and fun, it has lighter and darker themes and, the fact that The Doctor and his companions keep changing, it’s a good thing, because it doesn’t get weary.

I also like how the episodes are all linked by the main story of the season.

I’ll keep watching, hoping that it gets some of its magic back, especially now that they’ve announced a new executive producer. Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite stories are from Steven Moffat’s era, but I think he stayed too long and ran out of good ideas.


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