Nashville has struggled with some of its storylines since the beginning, but it has always been one of my favorite TV shows, for its focus on the country music industry, great songs from the actors, plus, it is very entertaining.

For that, when they announced the cancelation, I joined all the other fans for the #bringbacknashville campaign. After CMT pick it up, they promised season 5 would be even better than the previous seasons, that all the problems that the show had would be fixed. What did they promised?

1- More music

2- Less soap opera storylines

3- More focus on the problems that artists face in the industry

Unfortunately,  they didn’t deliver any of that. It has until now, less music (only one song from Clare Bowen and Sam  Palladio and only one song from Hayden Panettiere), they have not only continued the soap opera, but repeated stories from the previous seasons (another car crash? Another unwanted pregnancy? Really?). They also seems to ignore some things from the past seasons, like Maddie’s emancipation, or how Scarlett had just realized that she was in love with Gunnar.

Nonetheless, Rayna’s death was a slap in the fan’s faces. Rayna was the lead character of the show, she was one half of Dayna and everyone waited four years to see her and Deacon together. The fact that she died because of a car crash made things even worse. She was in a car crash in the first season finale and it seems a little too much to put her in another one, especially after this season’s plane crash.

Besides that, if Connie Britton was leaving, they should’ve told the fans, principally after the information leaked. Instead, they’ve denied, over and over again.

In my opinion, I think, since the show was moving to another channel, that they should’ve recast Rayna. It would be odd at first, but plenty of shows had done that, and Rayna was too important to die.

So, Nashville, why do you hate me?


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